Certified Restoration Services has been helping to provide services for water damages, flooding restoration, fire damage, sewage cleanup, smoke damages, contents, and building restoration for more than two and a half decades. We can professionally clean and restore the damaged residential or commercial property. Trust our experts to help minimize any loss and provide you with great customer service. Our crews are industry leaders in all phases of disaster clean up and restorations. Call us with any flood damages you have at 866-287-3461.


At Certified Restoration Services we are specialized in flood and fire cleanup. Our crews have the products and equipment needed to help remove and prevent future mold growth. We want to make you another one of our many satisfied clients. The staff is certified, trained, tested by the IICRS. If you suffer from any water, smoke or fire damage call us at 866-287-3461.



At Certified Restoration Services we use thermal imagery cameras to help aid us in detecting any hidden water damage in your structure. If you have any type of water damage even if it is after a fire, and the fire department put water on the fire to put it out we place air movers and dehumidifiers throughout the structure to get rid of any moisture that was left behind. When the structure completely dries we can then begin replacing any drywall, wood or ceiling panels that have been removed due to water, fire, or smoke. Our crew members are ready for you and any disaster restoration job you may have. Call us at 866-287-3461 with any water damage restoration service.



Nobody can fully prepare for wind damages. Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your home or business within minutes. If you suffer from any wind, storm or water damages as a result of a tornado, storm, hurricane or torrential rains we are the one company to call. At Certified Restoration Services we have more than 20 years experience in all levels of storm or wind damages. We can perform emergency board ups, 24 hours a day-every day of the year. Our teams will replace roofs, fix damaged windows, repair any damaged areas and restore your contents and belongings. Contact us immediately to prevent any further damage, you will appreciate our quick response time. Our on call technicians are waiting to help you at 866-287-3461.



When dealing with any bio-hazardous materials, our crews take every available precaution against transporting any bacteria or molds. Your safety is first and foremost to all of our staff. If you have suffered from a broken pipe, sewage, water damage, or even a toilet overflow-contact the trained crews at Certified Restoration Services immediately. Using professional grade products and high powered equipment-also the latest technology to provide you with the best restoration experience. Be assured that you have industry leaders performing your clean up job. Call our teams at 866-287-3461 with any, water damage, sewage overflow or flooding you may have.