Fire Restoration & Smoke Damage

At Certified Restoration our expert teams can easily remove smoke damage odor from within your home or business. Fire restoration is also one of the services we are certified in. We can remove burned & charred walls, floors and anything else that is burned beyond restoration within your home or business. Our construction crews will rebuild your home from the ground up if needed. We have the technicians in the field that will respond immediately and work until the project is completed. Our office is available around the clock any time to help with any fire or smoke damage loss. Taking immediate and swift action can decrease the amount of damage that your property will end up with. Call us at 866-287-3461 for any fire damage restoration job. 

Every fire is so different from the next, not only the cause of the fire or soot but the damages that it creates can vary greatly as well. Some of the fires we are trained to tackle are; grease, protein, and electrical. You will find our crews are all IIRC trained, certified and experienced in all phases of fire and smoke damages. We will assess the damages on site, give you a detailed estimate and help you if you chose to submit that estimate to your insurance company or adjuster. At Certified Restoration Services our outstanding reputation has helped assure our customers only the highest standards and professionalism in each and every job we have ever stepped foot on. We will minimize your losses for you and reduce the costs when were can. If you need any smoke damage restoration services call 866-287-3461.




At Certified Restoration Services we know that after a fire there is usually water damages as well. Smoke damage to help with the smoke odor removal we have many different types of portable units help remove and neutralize the odor. We use professional drying equipment throughout the building to remove any moisture that may have been put there by the fire department. When the structure is completely dry and the removal of damaged materials are removed such as; any drywall, wood, or ceiling panels that have been destroyed. After that the reconstruction process can begin and you will soon be back to the usual. Call us at 866-287-3461 with any fire restoration, home or larger commercial projects. 

A grease fire, a candle that has smoldered, a faulty fireplace, accidental disposal of something that caused a fire to your home or business; these are just some of the causes of the fire calls we get. Some fires may be small and just require a simple clean up, but most smoke damages and fire restorations can be a job that is something that a restoration contractor needs to handle. Your safety is first and foremost important to us and if you need to find temporary residency while we are restoring your property and belongings we will assist you with that as well. At Certified Restoration Services we are available every day of the year for your emergency fire and smoke restoration needs. Allow our teams to help you to become another one of our many satisfied customers.  Call us at 866-287-3461 24 hours a day any day for your smoke, fire or soot damage restoration job. You will always get a live operator to direct you to a project manager.  



Fire damage within your structure can cause soot and smoke in every nook and cranny throughout your property. All the tiny particles can end up in your HVAC system which most people don’t even realize the extent of damage it can create! Having your heating and cooling system inspected after suffering a fire can help to determine exactly what needs to be cleaned and serviced and to keep clean and pure air flow through and through. At Certified Restoration Services we are prepared to create a plan and solution for your home or business after suffering from any fire or smoke damages. Trust us to minimize any further damage and restore your building and belongings to pre-loss condition. Contact us today at 866-287-3461.